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Our unique selling point: We offer the entire pension refund and pension application process digitally. All our cases are accompanied by an external lawyer.

Offer your visitors a reliable & digital solution for pension refund & pension application

Benefit from our previous work and expertise.
We have digitised all the processes involved in claiming a pension from Germany. With our online forms, various applications can be completed completely digitally. Fundsback takes care of the communication with customers, public bodies, authorities and any contractual partners.

The goal is to make the whole pension refund or application process as easy as possible for our customers. There is no risk for our customers. The fee is only charged if the payout is successful.

Commission & payout

You will receive a commission of 10% of our fees, which we will receive from the customer once the payout has been successfully completed.

Customer feeCommission
2.899€ (maximum fee)289,90€
899€ (minimum fee)89,90€
1.425€ (average fee)142,50€

The commission includes 19% VAT.

Many years of experience & Personal support

We have been providing this service since 2015 and have many years of experience in this field. We are always up-to-date with the latest information. We do not stand still, we are constantly developing ourselves, our services and our website.

We value personal contact. We have an understanding of where automation is appropriate and where not. We respond individually to partners’ and customers’ questions, wishes and needs and are always easy to reach.

Important note: We do not offer legal services. An external lawyer handles all cases.

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